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Racing Roundup
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JPMotorsport is a small, local team run out of Pete's Auto and Custom just 1 mile north of Anderson's Maple Syrup, Inc, conveniently located on Hwy 48. Pete Leuschner is the owner of Pete's Auto and Custom, and he and his friend Jason Haugerud decided to pool their resources together in 2011 to create a two car Midwest Modified team. Anderson's is proud to sponsor these two local friends and wish them well this season at the Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, WI.

Season Update

The 2011 season at Cedar Lake Speedway is over. For an updated listing of the 2011 points standings, click here, and make sure to look for us again in 2012!

9/15, 9/16, 9/17 - 51 cars showed up for racing Thursday night, including both Jason and Pete. Jason started 1st in his heat race and stayed out front to win. Pete started 6th in his heat race and moved up to finish 3rd. In the feature, Jason started 9th and finished 9th, while Pete started 23rd and finished 13th.

On Friday night, Jason started 2nd in his heat and finished 3rd, and Pete started 3rd and finished 5th. In the feature, Jason started 9th and finished 4th. Pete, on the other hand, had to run a B main, where he got run into on the next to last lap, cutting a tire and ending his night.

To finish up the season on Saturday night, Jason just ran the feature, where he started 7th and ended up finishing 4th. Meanwhile, Pete had to run a heat and ended up coming in 4th. In the feature, he started in the back, got wrecked early, but was able to finish 9th.

8/27 - After rain canceled racing the past couple of weekends, the weather this past weekend was perfect. Jason started 3rd in his heat and improved one spot to finish 2nd. Meanwhile, Pete started 5th in his heat and moved up two spots to finish 3rd. In the feature, Jason started on the pole and ended the night with a solid 3rd place finish. Pete started 14th in the feature and improved a couple of spots to finish 11th on the night. Overall, a good weekend of racing for JP Motorsports.

8/20 - Rained out.

8/13 - Rained out.

8/4 - Pete wasn't able to race this past weekend, but Jason was able to. In his heat race, Jason started 3rd and held on to finish 3rd. In the feature, Jason drew the 5th starting position, and ended up slipping back one spot to finish in 6th place.

7/30 - More rain and severe whether made racing a little interesting, but things managed to hold off long enough for the Midwest Modifieds to get all their racing in. Jason and Pete both made it through the heat races, with Pete finishing 14th and Jason a respectable 5th in the feature. Torrential rains started shortly after the feature, and the remainder of racing was postponed for the night.

7/23 - Rained out.

7/16 - Jason started 1st in his heat and ended up running strong the entire race, finishing 1st. In the feature, he started on the pole, but ended up in a wreck while running in the 3rd spot, ending his night early. Meanwhile, Pete started 4th in his heat race, but motor problems ended his night early as well.

7/8, 7/9 - With a huge crowd on hand Friday night to see the World of Outlaw's Sprint cars, Pete ran well in his Midwest Modified heat race and ended up making the feature, where he finished 13th. Meanwhile, Jason got into a pretty good wreck in his heat race on Friday night and wasn't able to finish, putting an end to his night. [ Race Results ]

With the Midwest Modifieds scheduled to run again on Saturday night, Pete's luck took a turn for the worse again, as he was put into the wall and bent something in the car. They did, however, manage to get Jason's car fixed overnight and ready to go. Things went better for Jason on Saturday night, where he ended up coming in 5th.

6/25 - There were 39 Midwest Modified cars that showed up to race Saturday. Jason started 9th in his heat and worked his way up to finish 3rd. The start of the feature looked good as Jason lead the first couple laps and was in 2nd until a caution came out in lap 12. After the caution the restart was not so good for Jason as he was not able to get going and dropped back to a 12th place finish.

6/16 Recap - Pete wasn't able to run on Thursday night, but things went pretty well for teammate Jason. Jason started 8th in his heat race, and wound up finishing 2nd, sending him into the feature, where he had a strong run and came in 6th - the best either driver has finished so far this year.

6/11 Recap - This weekend's racing resulted in more mechanical problems for JP Motorsports drivers Jason Haugerud and Pete Leuschner. Things started off well as Jason and Pete finished 5th and 6th in their heats respectively, with both cars running great. However, after that, things took a turn for the worse. In the feature, Jason had his radiator cap work loose, causing the car to overheat and forcing him to pull off the track. Meanwhile, Pete's car had a pinion nut come off, causing the drive shaft to slip out and ending his night as well. Hopefully they'll both have better luck next week.

6/4 Recap - Things went a little better this weekend for the team, as Pete started 2nd in his heat race, but got in a tangle three laps into the race that put him back to seventh, where he finished. The top six transfer to the A main, which meant Pete had to run the B main. Meanwhile, Jason started 6th in his heat and finished 7th, so he had to run a B main also.

In the 20 car B main, Jason started 2nd and Pete started last. Jason held his spot to finish 2nd and transfer to the A main. Pete worked his way through the field up to 7th, but since only the top 4 transferred, didn't make it. However, the car ran great and a lot of people in the pits were complementing on both cars. We're looking forward to racing again next week.

Weeks 1 & 2 Recap - So far the season (and the weather) hasn't been kind to Pete. The last two weekends of racing have been rained out. Prior to that, when the weather was good for racing, he lost a cylinder during a practice session before his first heat race. His second attempt did not go much better as his #11 lost oil pressure during his first heat race. We wish him better luck the rest of the season.

Jason in the #22 has had much better luck, making the feature his fist night out and finishing in the top 10. The second week was good as well, but during the feature he was involved in a small wreck that took his car out of commission and was therefore not able to finish the race. Good Luck Jason!

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